This will be our seventh season hosting wwoofers. WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is basically a work exchange whereby we provide room and board and teach young people how to grow food in exchange for  them doing farm work 4-5 hours per day five days per week. This could include helping with:

  • Organic vegetable gardens- building raised beds, soil preparation,    planting seeds and seedlings,  mulching, weeding, watering and harvesting
  • Blueberries- harvesting and processing/cleaning blueberries (We have 3 acres of certified organic berries nearby)
  • Building compost from seaweed, grass, leaves, hay, food scraps
  • Production of nutrient rich garden “teas” for plants from seaweed, compost, vermicompost and weeds
  • Orchard – pruning, mulching, watering and harvesting fruit
  • Firewood -splitting with our hydraulic splitter and stacking it

If you know of any young people who might be interested in WWOOFing for us, please ask them to contact us.