I am spending delightful afternoons in my garden watching everything living around me. As I grow older, I feel everything departing and I love everything with more passion.- Emile Zola (1840-1902) in the year of his death

We have a small vegan farm with organic vegetable gardens, fruit trees, a pond and woods in Brooksville, Maine on the Blue Hill peninsula. We grow as much of our own food as possible and sell the excess at our farm stand. We also donate food to a local food pantry.

For the past four summers, we have had wwoofers help us. Wwoofers spend about half of each day working on our farm, learning practical organic gardening skills in return for room and board. For more information on wwoofing, see our tab above on Wwoofing or https://wwoofusa.org/

We love growing our own food and working outside in the gardens. It is satisfying to teach young people how to develop healthy soil and grow nutrient dense vegetables without any exploitation of animals.

We are concerned about :

  • GMO’s in our food and pesticides. Scientific studies show the strong correlation between increasing use of GMO’s (and herbicide use) since the mid 1990’s and the increase in diabetes, cancers, autism, etc. Measurable quantities of GMO’s are now found in 70% of processed foods, many plants, and in all meat and fish which have been fed GMO grains.
  • The cruelty involved in animal agriculture (and other forms of animal exploitation) and the devastating impact it is having on animals, people and the planet – generating the majority of green house gases causing global warming.
  • We have come to the conclusion that the best course of action for us is Veganism which is good for animals, humans, and the environment. We also believe the best way to avoid the health risks of GMO’s and other toxins in food, is to grow and eat our own organic vegetables.

We are involved with these organizations:

The Good Life Center –The mission of the Good Life Center is to perpetuate the legacy of Helen and Scott Nearing. The Good Life Center, through its programming and preservation of the historic Forest Farm homestead, advocates for simple and sustainable living skills, social and economic justice, organic gardening and vegetarianism. We both serve on the board of directorshttp://goodlife.org/

Peace Ridge Sanctuary – Peace Ridge was founded in 2001 in order to address animal cruelty, neglect and exploitation, and to promote vegan ethics in New England. They advocate for all animals – farmed animals, domestic companion animals, and wildlife. They,and we, believe society needs to rethink the way that it views and interacts with animals in order to become a more peaceful and just society. Social justice cannot be achieved unless we acknowledge the social injustices we perpetrate on animals and do something about it. http://peaceridgesanctuary.org/