No dig gardening technique

Local organizations

The Good Life Center – The hand built last home of Helen and Scott Nearing at Forest Farm. The Center is dedicated to advancing their vision of social justice and simple living.

Peace Ridge – Founded in 2001 in order to address animal cruelty, neglect and exploitation, and to promote vegan ethics in New England.

Institute for Humane Education in Surry, Maine The mission of IHE is to create a more just, humane and sustainable world through education. Zoe Weil does an incredible amount of good work.

Animal Rights

The Abolitionist Approach – The abolitionist approach is about animal rights. Gary Francione is a lawyer who has dedicated his life/career to animal rights.  While some people might feel an abolitionist approach is too radical, I have to say that it was my “aha” moment for going vegan.  JUST DO IT!  Despite 200 years of animal welfare laws, which require “humane” treatment and prohibit the imposition of “unnecessary” suffering, animal exploitation is occurring in more horrific ways than at any time in human history.  Contains a great section on quotes.


These are some of Bob’s favorite progressive websites for learning the truth about what is really happening in the US and the world which you won’t learn from mainstream media: